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Rasmus Digital stems from the passion and expertise of its founder, Rasmus Sætrang. At 41, with a rich tapestry of experiences in real estate and web design, Rasmus embarked on a pivotal journey into the realm of Digital Marketing. His vision? To meld his diverse skills and longstanding e-commerce hobby into an agency that truly resonates with the dynamic world of digital branding and strategy.


The Journey:

Rasmus's foray into the professional world began as a Real Estate Agent, a role he embraced for 8 enriching years. But beneath the surface, a spark for e-commerce was always alight. Over the past 6-7 years, this spark transformed into a blazing passion, leading him to create a slew of websites, some of which now proudly stand as testimony to his prowess on the "Clients" page of Rasmus Digital.


Formal Education:

Rasmus is not just about innate talent; it's also about honed expertise. Already a seasoned Web Designer, he dived deep into Digital Marketing with a comprehensive one-year program at Noroff. Set to graduate in January 2024, Rasmus marries the best of academic insights with practical, hands-on experience.


Our Approach:

With every project at Rasmus Digital, you get more than just digital marketing. You receive the culmination of years of diverse experiences, ensuring strategies that aren't just effective, but also deeply insightful. From impactful e-commerce solutions and website designs to strategic ad campaigns, Rasmus Digital promises a holistic approach.


Connect with Rasmus:

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